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If you help people become the best version of themselves you get the best version of your company. We are focused on building dreams for employees and our clients.


Colleen Howell

CEO, Build


What Our Clients Say


Working with the Build team has been nothing short of incredible. I have worked with Dev teams in the past and nothing can compare to Build. They work in a timely, professional manner, with no egos. They are transparent and the communication is seamless. I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a strong near shore dev shop.

-Kina Pickett, Co-Founder and Chief Brand Officer ZPPR

What We Provide

UX and UI Services

UX & UI Design

We deliver awesome user-centric interfaces that meet your product vision as well as your users needs and expectations.

Technical Services

Technical Services

We provide high skill teams and tools necessary to move your project to the next level.

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